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  • Arabic for Designers
    Second Edition

    September 2011

    In Arabic for Designers, Second Edition, Mourad Boutros has overhauled his critically acclaimed primer for non-Arabic speakers who wish to implement Arabic into various visual designs, ranging from corporate to artistic. The new edition includes more pages, keeping pace with recent changes in the use of Arabic in multilingual visual marketing and design campaigns what is valum […]

  • Animal Shelter Portraits

    September 2011

    Every week thousands of abandoned dogs and cats are picked up from city streets and put into shelters cheap ultram no prescription generic ultram information buy ultram usa , where they wait for people to adopt them. Those lucky enough to find a home visit us the kennels within a couple of days; those who do […]

  • Dogs in Books

    November 2011

    As the saying goes, dogs are man’s best tramadol online. Since the Stone Age, our canine companions have been illustrated, described, dramatized, and eulogized in one form or another cheap valum no prescription order valum america valum dosage . Dogs in Books celebrates the role of dogs in literature, featuring more than thirty famous dogs, from […]