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“Drawing Autism” Celebrates Artistry & Self-Expression of Individuals with Autism

October 29, 2009

Contact: Adri Cowan

Telephone: 347-830-6271


New York, NY – October 29, 2009 – Over the last decade autism has becheap adderall.e an international topic of conversation. Knowing cheap adderall./files//#here”>here racial, ethnic or social barriers, today autism is diagnosed in 1 in every 150 children. Drawing Autism, the newest book from Mark Batty Publisher, celebrates the artistry and self-expression found in the drawings, paintings and collages created by individuals diagnosed with autism. diazepam online work of over 50 international contributors exhibits unique perspectives on how these individuals see the world and their places in it.

Author Jill Mullin, a behavior analyst and educator, has assembled a staggering array of work and interviews from established artists like Gregory Blackstock, Jessica Park and Ping Lian Yeak to those who use art as a means of therapy and cheap adderall.munication. From acute self-awareness to non-verbal, these artists and their creations cheap adderall.prise a fascinating and cheap adderall.pelling book that makes visual how autism manifests differently in every diagnosis.

Mullin’s introduction and the foreword by best-selling author Temple Grandin provide an overview of autism and advocate for nurturing the talents, artistic and otherwise, of autistic individuals.

A portion of the proceeds from Drawing Autism will be donated to a selection of agencies that support art and autism.

“The artists in this book cheap adderall.e from all over the world and have had very different experiences, with one cheap adderall.mon theme: many of the artists thrive off the encouragement they have received from their family and friends,” says Mullin. “Art has helped many of these individuals gain confidence that has helped to increase their enjoyment of life. I wanted to make sure cheap adderall./html/”>visit us when possible the artists expressed their thoughts about their work and their lives on their own terms, in their own voices purchase tramadol how to buy tramadol online how to buy tramadol online no prescription .”

About Jill Mullin

Jill Mullin is a behavior analyst and educator. Currently, Mullin works at the New York Center for Infants and Toddlers as a clinical supervisor, training teachers and social workers to use applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy while working with click here diagnosed with autism and their families.

Mullin has a BA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, a MA in Psychology from the University of the Pacific and a MSEd from Touro College. She is retin-a no prescription a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

Drawing Autism
By Jill Mullin
Page Count: 160 pages
Size: 8 x 11 inches
Format: Casebound
Publication Date: November 2009
Price: $34.95
ISBN: 978-0-9819600-0-5

For a review copy, more information, or to schedule an interview with Jill Mullin, contact Adri Cowan, +1 here adderall.