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Guess Who? The Many Faces of Noma Bar

Noma Bar

  • Page Count: 128
  • Size: 8.5 x 11 inches
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication Date: November 2007
  • Price: $19.95
  • ISBN: 978-0-9779850-7-4

It requires skilled eyes and order valium for artists to render subjects by translating their personalities, physical traits and careers into a few well-executed lines. Having worked for such publications as The New York Times, Esquire, The Guardian and Time Out London, Noma Bar is one artist capable of such visual feats visit us buy valium online no prescription today buy valium thailand . From famous celebrities like Steven Spielberg to infamous ones like Michael Jackson, to cultural icons like Albert cheap tramadol and Elvis, to political figures like George Bush and Sadaam Hussein, Bar has made a career of creating caricatures through illustrations that rely on the power of association, and sometimes a bit of imagination buy accutane paypal click here get accutane no prescription .

Stephen King has hatchet eyes; broken chains accent Nelson Mandela’s facial expression; Joseph Stalin’s nose and mouth are shaped like the hammer and sickle buy priligy online canada visit us buy priligy thailand . All of Bar’s faces exude the power of the visual, in that we recognize his subjects by what they do cheap ativan buy ativan mexico ativan generic .

Steven Heller’s introduction examines Bar’s work by placing it in the history of caricature, pinpointing the clear influences but also acknowledging it as something wholly unique in its approach to this art form with a long and distinguished lineage buy valium australia buy valium online usa buy valium canada . Informative and playful captions accompany every illustration, providing insight into Bar’s process click here buy ambien online canada buy ambien australia .

A true cross-over book, Guess Who? The Many Faces of Noma Bar will appeal to graphic designers and pop-culture fans alike tramadol online usa how to buy tramadol online tramadol mexico .

Born in Israel in 1973, Noma Bar studied graphic design and typography at the Jerusalem Academy of Art & Design. He has buy retin-a online based in London since 2001. In 2003, Bar received his first national magazine commission from Time Out London, and since then he has worked for an array of media clients, including the BBC, Random House, The Observer, The Economist and Wallpaper.