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Cuba TV

Simone Lueck

  • Page Count: 80
  • Size: 8.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Publication Date: August 2011
  • Price: $34.95
  • ISBN: 978-1-935613-26-8

In Cuba TV, photographer Simone Lueck turns her 35mm lens away from the street and towards the interior lives of Cuba’s residents. During a trip to Havana in 2000, Lueck was transfixed by the glowing television screens—while the streets were pitch black at night, the TVs were always on, their light emanating from front windows. Inviting herself into private homes, Lueck retin-a online to know and photograph Cuba through its people.

Lueck’s photographs radiate a “burning stillness,” writes Daniel Kraus. With empathy and ease, Lueck created a portrait of the inner Cuba, “bopping along the streets of Havana, knocking on doors and winding her way to each home’s flickering heart.”

Simone Lueck is a Los Angeles-based photographer from St. Paul, tramadol online. Her work is marked by an interest in American cultural territory colored by notions of identity and performance. She received her MFA from UC San Diego in 2005 and an Aaron Siskind Foundation Individual photographer’s ambien no prescription in 2004 valium dosage buy valium online usa herbal valium . Her work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, New York, Tijuana, and Madrid.

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