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Pray For Japan- Silent Auction

March 5, 2012

In commemoration of the earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011, Con Artist soma no prescription is hosting a 4 day fund raising event. Original pieces donated by emerging and established artists from around the globe are sold in our silent auction. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Japan Society’s earthquake relief fund order valium online buy valium online no prescription today valium cheap .

Amongst the artists having their work donated off is Mark Batty Publisher author Remo Camerota’s book Graffiti Japan and Drainspotting. The graffiti featured in Graffiti Japan replicates the calligraphic intricacies of the Japanese language with spray paint, depicting how anime and manga characters, national pride, as well as foreign influences, are integral parts of the country’s scene accutane canada click here cheap accutane online . From sprawling, legally sanctioned murals to illegal throw-ups hidden in alleyways, this buy valium online could not exist in any other country.

Tokyo-based Remo Camerota is an award-winning artist, filmmaker, and animator order priligy online visit us buy priligy in mexico . He is the author of Drainspotting: Japanese Manhole Covers. His work is often political and social, attacking government issues, flash-in-the-pan fads, and censorship, aiming to create interesting concept-based communications indicative of contemporary visual trends occurring locally buy retin-a online no prescription globally cheap ativan no prescription buy ativan mexico buy ativan malaysia .

The event will be held at Con Artist Gallery located at 157 Suffolk Street, New York, NY:

Opening reception on March 8, 2012: 8pm-Late
Special musical performance:
8:30PM – Naomi from Me&Mars
9:00PM – Nao Katafuchi

March 9, 10 by appointment
Closing event on March 11, 2012: 3pm-8pm
Special guest performances:
4:30pm – New York based dancer / singer Hitomi Nozawa and drummer Arei Sekiguchi
5:30pm – New York based Butoh performance artist Ximena Garnica & composer Jeremy Slater

Participating Artists will be announced soon.

This event is organized and produced by [Beau·ti·fied Ta·boo] with support by Superglorious and Con Artist NYC generic valium online buy valium online usa buy valium malaysia .