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Illustrated Three-Line Novels launch party recap!

September 15, 2010

Last night, MBP & Joanna Neborsky hosted a launch party for Neborsky’s Illustrated Three-Line Novels: Felix Fénéon. The event was a raging success, between the great turn out, lovely snacks & complimentary absinthe cocktails, and selling out of the evening’s book supply! Take a peek at some images from the party below (click to enlarge them), and over at The Outlet purchase tramadol how to buy tramadol online cheap tramadol order . Many thanks to all who came out to celebrate, the Belcourt, & Vieux Carré Absinthe buy valum mexico order valum america cheap valum no prescription .

Launch Party 1
Launch Party 2
Launch Party 3
Launch Party 4Launch Party 5
Launch Party 6